Sunday, August 22, 2010

Recommended Read: Slow Bucking by Drea Riley

I don't recommend titles that I don't truly enjoy. This is one of those rare gems that struck me early on and stayed with me until the end of the story. Bravo, Drea!

Title: Slow Bucking
Author: Drea Riley
Publisher: Beautiful Trouble Publishing
Genre: I/R Contemporary Erotic Romance
subgenre: Cowgirls
Blurb: Regina Cloudwalker is a woman with needs and a plan. Her biological clock is ticking--LOUD. So when former rodeo star and her teenage crush, Tyce Westbrook, tries to buy her aging bull, she offers him what she hopes is a deal he can't resist.

Tyce has been waiting for years to get his hands on Regina. Though her proposition shocks him, it's just the opening he needs to counter with the bargain of a life time.One that includes the pitter-patter of little hooves and feet. Can Tyce and Regina keep Slow Bucking their way to happiness?


  1. YAY ME...thanks RAE! I honestly wouldn't and couldn't have with out you!

  2. OMG THANKS FOR THE LOVE RAELYNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!