Friday, November 13, 2015

Dragons and Tigers for the Holidays

Dragons and Tigers for the Holidays

It all began the way many projects such as this start--with a question. I was online, minding my own business, when Shara Azod asked me to write a white tiger holiday story. I'd like to say she asked, but that's probably just the nostalgia. More likely, it went down like this:

Shara: Rae, you busy?
Me: Working on X project.
Shara: Stop that and write a white tiger Christmas story.
Me: But...
Shara: Now. I need it sent in by this important date...

The rest is history. I'm a writer, and I may be embellishing that interchange a little bit (a very little bit), but the main idea is that I wrote my first Christmas story. 

As my constant readers already know, I've written a bunch of holiday stories. For example, St. Patrick's Day stories (Touch a Four Leaf Clover, Forever Irish), Valentine Day's stories (The Concierge, Native Hearts), and even Mother's Day stories (Mother Lovers), but I have never written a Christmas story.

It isn't that I don't like the holidays. I do. Halloween is my favorite holiday, next to my birthday, but I don't have Halloween stories either. So, it isn't anything against Christmas per se. Until that fateful conversation with Shara, I just hadn't had any real reason to write one. 

But most of you know, a shifter story is right up alley. I love paranormals and fantasy romances, so of course when she added that it had to be a white tiger shifter tale, well, I went all in. The result was a story about a tiger shifter, Kento, in a love triangle with a dragon shifter, and a human woman, Zina. The results are exactly what you'd expect.

Since writing White Tiger Christmas, I have continued my dragon shifter series, Dragon's Keep. There are three stories in that series (Firebreather, Seadragon, and Earthen) with more planned for 2016-2017. If you haven't checked out the series, and you love dragon shifters, please get in with the first story, Firebreather. Or read a shorter introduction with White Tiger Christmas for only $1.99.  

Friday, November 06, 2015

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with RaeLynn Blue

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with RaeLynn Blue

November is Native American Heritage month, and it's a month celebration that is very important to me--Native American culture and pride. The month is misleading in that there are over 100 different Native American tribes in the United States. Most of the tribes are very different in terms of beliefs, practices, and language. 

I had the privilege to spend six years in the Southwest United States, surrounded by the Dine, Zuni, and Hopi. I learned a lot about them, and some of those experiences appears in my stories.

I've written several stories set in the Southwest. This blog post will showcase those titles that take place with Native American heroes and in the setting of the Southwest.

I'll begin with my romance suspense novel, Poisoned Water. It takes place in a town very much like the one I spent those six years in. It's action-packed, but also a great mystery and romance so for those who like JD Robb or other romantic suspense novels, try this out. 

Poisoned Water: A Cheona Cane Novel: 
About thirty miles east of the Arizona border, just off Interstate 40, is a heart that beats in time to the ghosts of the west, of the lost, and of the betrayed. A heart that delivers an original, quirky beat all its own. That heart is Nizhoni, New Mexico; a small, dusty town lodged like a spent bullet in the heart of Indian Country. It is a town I know well, for I grew up here, in Nizhoni and it is the place I call home. Fabled for its wide, dry, open spaces, the Southwest truly lives in Nizhoni. Mud-splattered trucks, bull riders and sexy cowboys with their wide-brimmed hats reside among polished local politicians, well-groomed teachers and spotless, luxury SUVs. Here, the ancestors of lore watch over us from the pale, purple plateaus, red mesas, and brown canyons. These ancestors do not always keep us safe.
Price: $4.99 Genre: Contemporary Romance Suspense 
Tribe: Navajo (the Dine)

Psychic Flames

This new paranormal romance stars a psychic working for the same investigative agency my constant readers have seen in my C.A.K.E. series. Jayden and Eagle meet, it doesn't take any of her psychic ability to know she's incredibly attracted to him. 

Blurb: When an arsonist and murderer destroys a home he is trying to sell, real estate agent, Eagle Boyd wants answers. He hires Jayden Rosenthals' P.I. firm to find them. As the son of a Cherokee chief, Eagle's turned his back to all things mythical and other. He likes concrete facts and tangible truths. 

Even though Jayden Rosenthal is a psychic, her powers couldn't prepare her for her new client, Eagle Boyd. A frustrating skeptic, Eagle embodies everything Jayden had fought her entire life to avoid. Still, she'd drawn to him. 

Jayden and Eagle must join together to find an arsonist and murderer. First, they have to discover the truth within each other

Price: $1.99 Genre: Paranormal Romance Suspense Tribe: Cherokee

Native Hearts Series

My Native Hearts series isn't a new series, but it does focus on Tank Begaye and Lee Stone. Two stories into the series, I knew I liked the concept of my Navajo hero, Tank Begaye, enough to explore his relationship with Lee and to expand it out to others in their friend group and in the area. I plan to write more in this series.
Price: $2.99 each
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Tribe: Navajo (the Dine)

Presented in reading order:

Lasso a Lover: Lee Stone's regular trips to Las Vegas have always been her escapes from her boring life. The biggest draw was the handsome man who wore the cowboy costume at Dante's annual freak party. She didn't know his name, but Lee knew she wanted more of what they’d started a year before. With her sexy cowgirl outfit, she definitely wanted to lasso that lover. 

Tank Begaye's annual visit to Las Vegas had all the ordinary hallmarks of business travel—clients to meet, document signings, a slick hotel room, and one cowgirl to see. For over a year ago, Tank enjoyed all the Sins Vegas had to offer—especially at Dante's costumed freak party. Unlike the year before, however, this time Tank would not go home empty handed. This year, he was going to lasso a lover.

Native Hearts-Lee Stone didn’t want a heart-shaped box of boring chocolates for Valentine’s Day. She didn’t want a trip to Vegas. She’d been there and done that. What she longed for was one Valentine’s Day that didn’t invite tragedy and chaos. The last three years with her boyfriend, Tank Begaye, had been host to a blizzard, a fire, and a heart attack. For once, she wanted to spend the day nestled in her lover’s arms. 

Tank Begaye had weathered the long-distance relationship with Lee for years. Now, he meant to make her a permanent fixture in his life—as his wife. Avoiding the cliché Valentine Day’s proposals at restaurants and public landmarks, Tank knew exactly where to go—his family’s Hogan, deep in the heart of the Navajo Reservation. Surrounded by his ancestors’ spirits, he would ask Lee to join their family’s circle.

Finally, my collection of romance stories set in the paranormal Southwest is Southwest
Heat. The stories in this collection are Speed Demon, Sand Storm, and Hot Summer Shimmer (contemporary) 

Blurb: The Southwest United States is a region filled with enchantment, mystery, and a heat unlike any other. Bestselling romance author, RaeLynn Blue, takes you on three distinct journeys into the land of enchantment and through a region renowned for flavorful green chile, kick butt barbecue, and cultural distinctiveness. 

This collection offers three tales of romance, southwest style. From a cop chasing down a hunky speedster on the back roads outside Albuquerque, to the strange trader selling Native American wares at a state park, SOUTHWEST HEAT conjures a rousing seduction that will leave you spellbound, breathless, and more than just a little heated.

Price: $2.99 each
Genre: Paranormal Romance Story Collection

Tribe: None. Setting is in the Southwest

Of course, there are many ways to help show support for and your appreciation for Native American Month. Go out and help support local and regional events!

~RaeLynn Blue

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Excerpt from FRUITCAKE (include in the Sexy Holiday Delights Collection)

Coming November 3rd,  from some of the bestselling romance authors in the business, SEXY HOLIDAY DELIGHTS. Pre-order and get it for 

Included in this amazing collection is my new C.A.K.E. story, Fruitcake. This is Kevin O'Bryan and Chloe Reese's story. 

Here's an excerpt from Fruitcake.
(c) 2015 RaeLynn Blue

Chloe heard Mr. Silver ordering people to get back to work as she picked up her tablet, switched off the microphone recording software, and collected her notes. She had tons of follow­-up reports and work to do to be completely done with this situation, but she felt good. Now, Brooke would be the topic at the water cooler, not her friend, Cree.

Behind her, she noticed Kevin lingered in the conference room. Chloe looked at him and noted the muscle in his jaw worked furiously.

“You were pretty amazing. Remind me never to play chess or bluff with you,” he said. “Kept your cool when she clearly meant to make you mad with her racial baloney.”

“I’m glad you didn’t,” Chloe said, letting the compliment slide off of her. Guys like Kevin carried compliments around like business cards. They only used them when they wanted some action. She didn’t look at him, but continued to put her items into her satchel.

“I did kind of lose it with her,” he agreed, picking up on her sarcasm. “I don’t know what got into me, but I didn’t like what she said about Cree.”

Chloe put her satchel over her shoulder. “You’re the reason she confessed. You must be good at pushing people’s buttons.”

I bet you really good at pushing all kinds of buttons. The thought shot through her before she could do anything about it. Her cheeks warmed at the buttons Kevin O’Bryan could push on her.

She offered her hand, but avoided his eyes—afraid he’d see the flame of lust in them. He shook it, allowing his much larger hand to linger on her fingers as she quickly reclaimed it. Chills sprouted across her arms. No. I’m not going to fall for his slick talk and smooth moves. I’ve seen this too many times before.

Without another word, she headed to the door, but he followed. Her stomach tightened in anticipation. Sure, she didn’t have a boyfriend or a wedding ring, but she didn’t want one. Men were only interested in slacking their lust before pushing on to the next new toy.

Although it was the holiday season, Chloe wasn’t in the giving mood.

Been there. Done that.

Because of the way Kevin’s touch made her feel, she knew at once she had to get the hell out of there—and quick. Her track record with men ranked in the needs improvement category, and she didn’t want to start with Kevin. She had an affinity for bad, womanizing men.

And she already liked Kevin.

She cracked the door and stepped into the entrance. Successfully placing one foot over the threshold, Chloe thought surely she’d be able to get to her car without Kevin, the hunky and handsome redhead asking her out. Yes, she would like to have dinner with him—with him being dessert—but she couldn’t. It would end badly; they all ended badly.

This close to the holidays, she wanted to be with her family and friends.

Swallowing back her yearning, she sighed.

“Miss Reese?” he called making her shudder.


End Excerpt.