Friday, November 13, 2015

Dragons and Tigers for the Holidays

Dragons and Tigers for the Holidays

It all began the way many projects such as this start--with a question. I was online, minding my own business, when Shara Azod asked me to write a white tiger holiday story. I'd like to say she asked, but that's probably just the nostalgia. More likely, it went down like this:

Shara: Rae, you busy?
Me: Working on X project.
Shara: Stop that and write a white tiger Christmas story.
Me: But...
Shara: Now. I need it sent in by this important date...

The rest is history. I'm a writer, and I may be embellishing that interchange a little bit (a very little bit), but the main idea is that I wrote my first Christmas story. 

As my constant readers already know, I've written a bunch of holiday stories. For example, St. Patrick's Day stories (Touch a Four Leaf Clover, Forever Irish), Valentine Day's stories (The Concierge, Native Hearts), and even Mother's Day stories (Mother Lovers), but I have never written a Christmas story.

It isn't that I don't like the holidays. I do. Halloween is my favorite holiday, next to my birthday, but I don't have Halloween stories either. So, it isn't anything against Christmas per se. Until that fateful conversation with Shara, I just hadn't had any real reason to write one. 

But most of you know, a shifter story is right up alley. I love paranormals and fantasy romances, so of course when she added that it had to be a white tiger shifter tale, well, I went all in. The result was a story about a tiger shifter, Kento, in a love triangle with a dragon shifter, and a human woman, Zina. The results are exactly what you'd expect.

Since writing White Tiger Christmas, I have continued my dragon shifter series, Dragon's Keep. There are three stories in that series (Firebreather, Seadragon, and Earthen) with more planned for 2016-2017. If you haven't checked out the series, and you love dragon shifters, please get in with the first story, Firebreather. Or read a shorter introduction with White Tiger Christmas for only $1.99.  

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