Saturday, April 13, 2013


Series Saturday

What is Series Saturday?

It's a weekly blog post that will focus on a series either I've written or one I'm reading that I enjoy.

I love writing series stories because I get to revisit other characters. I also enjoy reading series stories immensely.

This week's focus is on my I.G.O Series available from Changeling Press.

The Intergalatic Organization is a futuristic organization of planets that work together to protect our little section of the universe. The stories in this universe all work for or with the I.G.O. These stories have action, romance, and mystery. There's are several stories in this series, the first is one of my favorites, SUDDEN SNOW.

Blurb: Dr. Cricket Moore is running for her life. Her coworkers murdered and her research stolen, she has no one to turn to. When she’s thrust into the hands of an Intergalactic Organization officer to be transported to headquarters for interrogation, her only hope is to trust her life to a stranger.

It should have been one more assignment. Escort the last remaining research scientist to headquarters for debriefing. Sergeant Darryl Snow takes every mission seriously, but this one seems pretty routine. Cricket doesn’t look all that dangerous. But she’s in more trouble than even she realizes. And the instant attraction he feels for the dark-skinned beauty doesn’t make the situation any easier. How can he win her trust -- and her heart -- without compromising the mission?

Darryl will stop at nothing to protect Cricket from danger… even if the greatest danger he faces is losing himself in her.

The second title is SAVE FOR SHARDAE. This story really fleshes out the IGO and the structure of ships, crew, and importance of rank.   blurb: Charged with escorting three traitors to the Titan Penal Outpost, Chief of Security Shardae Simmons doesn't have time for distractions -- and Captain Reyes' son Zander is a big distraction.

Labeled a womanizer and a troublemaker, the last thing Zander Reyes needs is to be assigned to a female. The sexy, husky-voiced chief of security Shardae Simmons tests every bit of his self-control.

But those three prisoners they're transporting have no interest in going to the Titan Penal Outpost quietly -- or at all. Shardae and Zander don't have time to explore their mutual attraction during this mission -- and falling in love simply isn't an option.

The timing couldn't be worse...

Included in this anthology, BLACK ROOTS & COWBOY BOOTS, is an IGO story, the very first one I ever wrote, but not the first one published. It's called "Ashes of Lust."


IGO Investigative Commander Sydney Ashe arrives and Anton soon realizes he will do anything to wrangle her heart.

These are the stories available in the IGO series. I invite you to try something new and to not let the futuristic setting bother you. Human beings fall in love regardless of time period, place, or the when.



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