Saturday, April 20, 2013

Series Saturday: Somethin' Cookin' Series

Series Saturday Presents:
Somethin' Cookin'

This Saturday finds me looking back at one of my most favorite, top 3 series: Somethin' Cookin'. I'm a southern girl and grew up with southern cooking and ideals. In no other series is my upbringing and personality more obvious then this one.
This series has more awards and 4+ reviews than any other series I have written. It is incredibly popular and continues to be a bestselling series. Do you have all the Somethin' Cookin' stories?

Thelma's Eatery is the first story in this sizzling series.
Blurb: Located in the downtown section of Atlanta, Thelma's Eatery is known for cooking up soul food so good the regulars keep comin' back for more. But for waitresses, Kim, Rae and Shauna, the real excitement isn't in the daily specials, but in the kitchen where sex is just as good as warm sweet potato pie. When Shauna's mother sends in a handsome accountant to check over the books, the heat in the kitchen burns up and spills out forever changing their lives...

Shauna makes another appearance in, SPANKABLE SUSAN. 

Blurb: Devin and Susan have been married for some time. This small bit of time before Devin's brother arrives affords them time to indulge in light BDSM play--spanking, something Devin loves and Susan enjoys immensely.

Leroy from Thelma's Eatery finds his life destroyed at the end of the story. He moves from HOTLANTA and relocates to a small tourist town in Atlanta.

Will Leroy find true love at last? It will be Cook's Choice.
Blurb: Some scars aren't visible on the surface.
Sienna's spent her entire life working at Maze's tourist trap restaurant. She learned the ropes, and became the head cook. No way was she giving up her spot to some rookie hot shot from Atlanta, no matter how attractive.
Leroy turned over a new leaf in sunny drenched Apalachicola. As head cook at Thelma's Eatery, he hadn't expected to be downgraded to a first year-just-got-his-spatula burner. Charged with proving himself all over again, Leroy finds the muster to demonstrate his culinary skills.

With Sienna, Leroy plans to demonstrate his skills as a lover. When one night of indiscretion and tragedy strike, Sienna must make a choice? Hold on to her small town beliefs or embrace a big city love.

If you haven't read all the stories in this series, I invite you to do so. Most are less than $3.00. If you have read them, please recommend your favorite titles to your friends. All titles are available at Amazon,, and other fine online locations.

You can also purchase Somethin' Cookin' stories Thelma's Eatery and Cook's Choice in one combined paperback.

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