Monday, December 07, 2015

Happy Book Birthday and the Thrill of Holiday Anticipation!

It's my book birthday! That's right. Today is the official release of MISTLETOE DREAMS, a sizzling holiday collection of three stories by Laurel Cremant, Drea Riley and myself.

The holidays have always been about anticipation. Whether it was awaiting Santa's sleigh as a youngster, or awaiting snow so I could be off from school as a teenager, the month of December has been associated with family, fun, and of course, the slow burn of anticipating something wonderful would happen.

As an adult, the holidays have changed yet again to being more focused on shopping, organizing family dinners, and working. I'm still anticipating what for me under the tree. With teenage boys, I never know what I'm going to get. One year my son made me a ceramic reindeer that had pooped--a lot. A pile of tiny ceramic poop balls were at the back of the reindeer.

So, even though my life is much more full as an adult, I'm still tightly wound with anticipation up until December 25th.

What are you anticipating receiving this year? Share with me in the comments.

About Mistletoe Dreams: There's no time like the holidays for love—whether you are rekindling an old love, finding love in strange places or just expressing a love of the ages. Follow these tales of love, laughter and holiday spirit in Mistletoe Dreams!

Winter's Guard. . .
Five years after a broken engagement, Vicky and James have met again. Forced to work together, Vicky hopes to show James that what they had wasn’t all broken. All she wants is time to prove that their hearts hadn’t lied five years ago—they may have fallen in love during a dark moment in their lives, but that doesn’t mean they don't belong together.

A Trick of Frost. . .

Two days before Christmas with her ex-husband, Rick, harassing her parents, Jaycee Froste needs a gift to lift her spirits. She stops in at her favorite restaurant, and it brings more than a hot meal. Jaycee finds herself seated across from one of the most annoying and handsome men she's ever met. She would even consider letting him taste her stew, if he hadn't stolen her reservation. With the holidays upon her, Jaycee decides the thing she needs to lift her spirits is J.C., a man who offers her so much more than she ever could have hoped.

Naughty Klauses. . .

Jessica and Nic have always loved the holidays and this year they are most definitely going to be on the naughty list. When you've got eternity on your side, it's nice to living things up with a little spice. You'll never look at Mr. and Mrs. Klaus the same way again...

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  1. Poop balls? G-d love 'em. Nice post! And quite the cover on that book. :-)

  2. Only YOU can
    Choose Seventh-Heaven:
    a blast N a half forever.
    God bless you.