Saturday, December 04, 2010

New Issue of Blue News is Available

It snowed today, here in North Carolina. I was super excited. I love winter weather, my years spent in Chicago and New Mexico spoiled me. I like to drive in it even--yes, I meant that.

I wanted to announce that the next issue of Blue News, my monthly newsletter, is available. This month includes my new column, In the Blue Chair, which spotlights a new author, I think readers will enjoy reading too. This month's author, Kasey Moone, is simply engaging during her turn in the chair.

Also this month is a special gift from my fellow Badazz author and friend, Shara Azod. I'll give you a hint--it's naughty and nice.

Of course, this issue of Blue News includes the next installment of my on-going free story, Psychic Sizzle, and a chance for you to vote on what should happen in next month's installment. Additionally, this month's Shout Out title, A Trick of Frost, excerpt is included.

So this month's issue is brimming with delights. Check it out at


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