Monday, May 07, 2012

Coming Soonest: New GSO story...

One afternoon I sat at my desk overlooking the pond outside my apartment and noted how cruel love could be. I write romance, of course, after that thought, I considered how someone who'd been badly hurt, abused, mishandled by someone they loved could ever truly move on. What kind of person would it take? How long?

Those musings led me to Brice Middleton. For those of you who are readers of the GSO series, you got your first glimpse of Brice in IRISH LUCK. As a character, Brice intrigued me, because his outside appearance, sun-drenched hair, golden tan, and hazel eyes all pointed to someone "bright" and well, golden.

But Brice was anything but sunshiny. Dark, brooding, and aloof, he kept everyone at bay. I pondered why he would be so murky and gloomy, and then those two idea threads wound themselves together.

I wrote ICING ON THE CAKE in two days. Beautiful Trouble Publishing's editors and proofeaders worked it over--by "it" I mean the manuscript and thus me--for weeks. I don't think I have ever been as emotionally exhausted with any other story I've ever written. But I believe it was worth it--every tear, every scream of frustration, and every drop of blood that went into this story. Aerial was worth it. Brice was worth it. And you were more than worth it. :)

ICING ON THE CAKE will make its debut on Beautiful Trouble Publishing's website soon. Stay tuned here or follow me on Twitter to stay abreast of its release.

For now, you have the cover art (above) and the blurb (below).
Blurb:Brice Middleton is running from a haunted past—a dark, sobering reminder of how trust can be twisted and wielded like a weapon, slicing through love and critically wounding the heart. Beneath his golden tan, sun-drenched blond hair, and hazel eyes are scars that zigzag across his chest, some physical, some emotional—all painful. Devoting himself to his work at CAKE, Brice distances himself from everyone.

Aerial Gibson loves being an actress even if it means living hand to mouth in the Triad. A graduate of North Carolina's best performing arts program, she has a steady income, an approaching audition, and an awesome, if not overly protective, family. However, Brice highlights the one thing absent in Aerial's happy-go-lucky world, a lover.

If Aerial can infiltrate the walls around Brice's heart and capture it for herself, it would be the icing on the cake.

Available soon from Beautiful Trouble Publishing.

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