Saturday, June 22, 2013

Focus on Fantasy- Erotic Romance in Far Away Lands

As a lover of science fiction and fantasy, it should come as no real surprise that I sometimes write erotic romance stories that take place in settings from my own imagination--mythical places with magic and goddesses, dragons and elves, shifters and shaman.

The following are some of my most favorite fantasies. If you haven't tried a fantastic story, I encourage you to do so. It's not all Lord of the Rings, but then some are. You may find that beneath that fall of beautiful hair, your sexy hero is sporting a nice pair of pointed ears.



Publisher: Phaze
Purchase Link:
Blurb: Rebellious crown prince Errol has committed the biggest sin, he's fallen in love with a male. As the son of a great goddess, Errol’s love affair with Simon has violated the social order--females rule and men must worship and love them alone. Childhood friend Shar has three days to save the love of her life, Errol, from certain death. When Errol and Simon approach Shar with a way to do that, she must rebel against her clan, her brother, and her entire way of life.

Title: A Love Reborn
Publisher: Whispers Publishing
Purchase Link:
Blurb: On the isle of Aquatrion, there is a legend that speaks of the Sirens' gift to those who drown at sea. Once one has been consumed by the waters, for his sacrifice, he will be turned into a selkie—both man and seal, to live amongst the sea, for his soul would forever be tied to both: that to which had been born, and to that which had died. Kikomo mourns the death of her husband-in-waiting, Takumi. Lost saving her life during a storm at sea, Takumi's body was swallowed up by the roaring waves and choppy seas. A year later, Kikomo's father demands she marry the local merchant, a fisherman and a man of great political power. Distressed, she flees her home and escapes to the sea. There she cries seven tears into the sea. At once a selkie appears, and he bears a striking resemblance to Takumi…

Title: Soul's Kin
Publisher: Phaze
Purchase Link:
Blurb: When the daughter of a great chief, Leela is forced to marry a man she doesn't even know, much less love, her heart breaks into pieces. To her comfort, her lover, Kunal, vows to be with her always. Leela can't believe such talk and dismisses it as a brief bout of insanity, until on her wedding night, a coyote appears to her and howls pangs of great loss...


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