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Let a White Tiger Christmas warm up your cold, frigid nights...

Just in time for the holidays. A White Tiger Christmas is available for your reading pleasure. 

This story is guaranteed to warm you up on these frigid days. 

Blurb: Zina was sick and tired of longing for Kento from afar. One minute he seemed interested, the next minute he was flirting with some floozy all in the name of work. Yeah, right. Well one thing for sure, she wasn’t going to spend this holiday longing for a man who couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Besides, there was a hot dragon shifter just begging for her attention…

Kento wanted Zina with every fiber of his being. But knowing how most humans feared the dragon shifters that had revealed themselves, how could he ever tell her he was a tiger? The fear of rejection kept him tucked away in the friend zone. Until a dragon came sniffing around his woman. Little did Zina realize what a dangerous game she was playing when she agreed to go out on a date with a dragon. She was about to catch a tiger by his tail, and he for one had no intention of ever letting go.

Price: $2.99
Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance

There are characters who also appear in my Dragon's Keep series story, Seadragon

Excerpt from White Tiger Christmas

Kento was so getting a stocking full of coal.
                “He’s done. So over it.” She slung her purse over her shoulder and shoved her gloved hands into her pockets.
“Come on, Zina. Let’s go back in.” Anika Lo Jin, nee Crews, called to her. She stood with her arms akimbo, her head tossed back at the direction of the blackened double doors leading in to The Rocketeer Bar. She wore her rainbow tree lights around her neck like a necklace and her black leather bomber lit up with colorful illumination. As the lead singer of The Sirens, she spent a lot of time with Kento, and knew him well. She also knew Zina from college and the two of them had gotten along very well. So when she discovered that Kento played in Anika’s band, the two of them became friends all over again.
                At this time of night, Zina wanted more than the picturesque views presented by the tall buildings, holiday decorations and wintry mix midtown provided. The scent of baking bread from a local bakery, and cigarette smoke expelled from the cluster of smokers standing close to the curb made her cough. The wind kept at her, but she stopped paying it attention. Her heart had given its last gasp or attempt at love and Zina knew that no one would keep her attention like Kento Reynard.
                Her libido grieved.
                A few moments before her anger flared and caused her libido to shut up.
                “No.” Zina heard its sharp tone and the bitterness it contained. The word could physically crumble it was so dry. Burnt, no doubt, by her complete and utter annoyance.
                “Kento didn’t mean it. I’m sure. He’s just…”
                “Just what? A douche! He’s linked hand in hand with the skinny ass brunette from Margo & Baker!” Zina lowered her volume at the curious glances from several pedestrians.  Inside her pockets, she forced her tight fists to unclutch.
                Anika sighed and rolled her eyes. “Zina…”
                Zina tried to relax, but her mind wouldn’t move from the vision of Kento and that woman dancing all nice and close on the dance floor. Holiday spirit. Right.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bite your head off.”
                “I know, but Kento really likes you...” Anika explained.
                Zina knew this already. Had known it the four long years she’d worked as an accountant for Tao Vineyard. They’d been coworkers long enough to recognize the chemistry they had, but he hadn’t closed the deal by asking her out. Something kept him from doing so, but she’d withdrawn from looking desperate. So they’d reached some professional impasse, and it bothered her. Now, tonight, this. She understood the job, but this—there was wooing a client, and then there was wooing a client. There had to be a line and damn it, Kento had danced his cute, sexy ass all over it. The back of Zina’s neck burned as she recalled the way the woman kept smiling, as if she danced on some national televised show as Kento whirled her around in his arms. The company Christmas party served to celebrate the holiday season, but also acted as an opportunity to acquire new clients. Apparently, Kento took the latter very seriously. After The Sirens’ set, the band members, Kento included, had come down to mix and mingle with the company employees. By day, Kento worked as an accountant, but at night played bass guitar for The Sirens.
                “Z, let’s go back in, do our thing, and drink the tasty eggnog.” Anika crossed her arms and set her face to determined. “Please. It’s freakin’ cold out here.”
                Cringing, Zina shook her head. “I’d like to take one for the team, but I, I wouldn’t be good company now.”
                Anika sighed, her arms dropping in defeat. “Kento has no idea what he’s got there. Plus, my husband’s cute cousin is here from Alaska…”
                “True, but I’m not into dragon shifters.”
“Fine, but come on. Let’s go enjoy our eggnog and some really cheesy Christmas music.” Anika grinned, turned, and started for the doors.
                “Fine.” Zina didn’t like that their spiked eggnog sat on the table alone and not being consumed.
                She didn’t know how much she’d be able to actually choke down due in part to the issue she had with Kento grinding with his cougar on a leash.
                Zina, followed Anika to The Rocketeer’s urban chic black glossy doors. Once they went in, the gush of heat blew across her cold cheeks. The place had a swanky décor mixed with Southern Americana. An exotic flavor the label of bar made it sound seedier than it really looked.  The smooth scarlet and ivory decorum touched everything with its holiday themes. A lot of it would’ve come off as cheesy, but the collection of science fiction accents had a way of making it beautiful—almost eclectic. The swirl of fresh pine needles cuddled amongst the scents of nutmeg and oranges. Tucked in the corner of The Rocketeer Bar, a metallic Christmas tree shimmered and flickered with streams of rainbow lights and round ornaments. It leered to the left, mimicking that tower in Piza and threatened to topple to the floor. A murmur of conversations hummed just beneath the thundering of Cherry’s drum set.
But then, it could’ve just been her attraction to Kento coloring her opinions. She’d spent so much time listening to The Sirens play and rehearse, The Rocketeer Bar was home base.
                Anika touched her shoulder. “Z, just ignore him. Obviously, he’s working his angle and the sale. You do the same. Draco’s cousin is super cute and very smart.”
                Zina nodded, but deep inside she knew that no one would be equal to Kento. Not that she didn’t like Anika’s attempts to hook her up with Draco’s cousin. Dragon shifters came with a whole host of other issues. Something about them turned her off, but to each his own. Besides, Kento’s fall of thick ash blonde hair, narrow dark brown eyes, and massive frame stirred every fiber of her person. He’d become so large in her life, fantasy and real, she couldn’t just erase him with a handsome dragon from Alaska.
“I’m good.” Zina forced a smile. It felt tight. Must be what Botox felt like.
                Anika quirked an eyebrow.
                “Look, it through me for a loop. I’m good now.”
                Anika huffed out an impatient sigh. “Okay. If you say, so…”
                Zina followed Anika further into the booming thud of cheerful holiday music.
She felt anything but.
                “Ba humbug.”
                Anika dissolved into laughter. “You may just get a unique present this holiday season. Don’t knock it. The last thing you want is a series of ghosts coming to visit you tonight, Scroogette.”
                Zina smirked, peeling her coat off. She only wanted one visitor tonight, and despite all her bellyaching about how done she was with him, Kento wrapped in a scarlet bow and positioned in her bed would be a great gift indeed.

The End

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