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Series Saturday Presents: Native Hearts Series

Series Saturday Presents: Native Hearts

My time spent in the enchanted state of New Mexico forever changed my outlook. Of course, like most things, New Mexico influenced my writing and often appears as setting. Navajo people are generous, kind, and family oriented. Perfect qualities for my heroes, and Tank Begaye became a fantastic one in Lasso a Lover, the first story in my Native Hearts series.

Blurb: Lee Stone's regular trips to Las Vegas had always been her escapes from her boring life. The biggest draw was the handsome man who wore the cowboy costume at Dante's annual freak party. She didn't know his name, but Lee knew she wanted more of what they’d started a year before. With her sexy cowgirl outfit, she definitely wanted to lasso that lover.

Tank Begaye's annual visit to Las Vegas had all the ordinary hallmarks of business travel—clients to meet, document signings, a slick hotel room, and one cowgirl to see. Over a year ago, Tank enjoyed all the SINs Vegas had to offer—especially at Dante's costumed freak party. Unlike the year before, however, this time Tank would not go home empty handed. This year, he was going to lasso a lover. Grab a copy here.

I enjoyed Lee and Tank so much, that I went back to visit them, to check in--so to speak, for Valentine's Day, in Native Hearts.

Blurb: Lee Stone didn’t want a heart-shaped box of boring chocolates for Valentine’s Day. She didn’t want a trip to Vegas. She’d been there and done that. What she longed for was one Valentine’s Day that didn’t invite tragedy and chaos. The last three years with her boyfriend, Tank Begaye, had been host to a blizzard, a fire, and a heart attack. For once, she wanted to spend the day nestled in her lover’s arms.

Tank Begaye had weathered the long-distance relationship with Lee for years. Now, he meant to make her a permanent fixture in his life—as his wife. Avoiding the cliché Valentine Day’s proposals at restaurants and public landmarks, Tank knew exactly where to go—his family’s Hogan, deep in the heart of the Navajo Reservation. Surrounded by his ancestors’ spirits, he would ask Lee to join their family’s circle.

You can get a copy of this story for less than $0.99, here.

Lee Stone first makes an appearance in Cashmere Sky, which is included in the anthology, Something Deeper.

Blurb: Sky had been badly burned by a disastrous marriage. Her ex-husband's brutal words left her battered and broken in places the scars didn't show. The last thing in world she had time for was some young boy toy, whispering sweet nothings in her ear. Cashmere was hooked from the moment he first saw her. What did it matter how old she was, or what color he was? All he knew was there was something very special about the woman he couldn't get out of his head.

Sometimes love comes calling and its apparent, on the surface, up front and in your face. Sometimes its Something Deeper.
You can grab copies of all three titles at,, and ARe.

Read more about freak party host, Dante Divine in her story, Divine Party. 
Purchase a copy, here.

Blurb: When your name is Dante Divine, people expect great things, and Dante wasn’t one to disappoint. The successful entrepreneur knew how to put on a show and help men and women alike explore their most decadent fantasies. So why, after hosting thousands of freak parties and coordinating hundreds of hookups and happily-ever-afters, was she single?

Kenshin Sato didn’t miss a Divine party. During the day, he enjoyed the competitive world of finance. But after five o’clock, he distanced himself from the traditional and stringent reality of his accountant’s life and disappeared into the realm of delicious fantasy where pleasure pulled him ever closer to the edge.

When Dante Divine, tells him she’s done with freak parties, he knows he has to act, for, it wasn’t the parties that kept him coming back, it was her. Party after party, he’d witnessed life extinguish her flame, but tonight he meant to relight Dante’s flame once and for all.

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