Thursday, May 01, 2014

The Ingredients for a Great Summer Read

The days are long and they roll beneath a deep blue sky. Yes, I'm quoting Don Henley but there isn't any end of the innocence here. We're hot and bothered. Sweaty and sexy. Shimmering in the sunlight. These are the days of summer, and Laurel Cremant  and I invite you to check out our boys of the summer, ahem, in books.
We invite you to take a leisurely through our Hot 'N' Sprung blog hop. Before you leap to the next balmy destination, let's discuss the requirements for a hot summer read.
I offer my collection of erotic romance stories, SOUTHWEST HEAT, as a perfect companion to your beach bag and e-reader filled with fun, sexy reads.

It has all the requirements:
1. It has erotic and sizzling scenes between heroes and heroines.
2. It takes place in exotic locations.
3. The hero and heroine are both complex people.
4. The story is fast, furious, and fulfilling.
You can get a copy of SOUTHWEST HEAT in paperback or ebook today.
Blurb: The Southwest United States is a region filled with enchantment, mystery, and a heat unlike any other. Bestselling romance author, RaeLynn Blue, takes you on three distinct journeys into the land of enchantment and through a region renowned for flavorful green chile, kick butt barbecue, and cultural distinctiveness.

This collection offers three tales of romance, southwest style. From a cop chasing down a hunky speedster on the back roads outside Albuquerque, to the strange trader selling Native American wares at a state park, SOUTHWEST HEAT conjures a rousing seduction that will leave you spellbound, breathless, and more than just a little heated.
Fill your summer reading list with RaeLynn Blue titles from,, ARe, and Mocha Memoirs Press today.


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