Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Excerpt from FRUITCAKE (include in the Sexy Holiday Delights Collection)

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Included in this amazing collection is my new C.A.K.E. story, Fruitcake. This is Kevin O'Bryan and Chloe Reese's story. 

Here's an excerpt from Fruitcake.
(c) 2015 RaeLynn Blue

Chloe heard Mr. Silver ordering people to get back to work as she picked up her tablet, switched off the microphone recording software, and collected her notes. She had tons of follow­-up reports and work to do to be completely done with this situation, but she felt good. Now, Brooke would be the topic at the water cooler, not her friend, Cree.

Behind her, she noticed Kevin lingered in the conference room. Chloe looked at him and noted the muscle in his jaw worked furiously.

“You were pretty amazing. Remind me never to play chess or bluff with you,” he said. “Kept your cool when she clearly meant to make you mad with her racial baloney.”

“I’m glad you didn’t,” Chloe said, letting the compliment slide off of her. Guys like Kevin carried compliments around like business cards. They only used them when they wanted some action. She didn’t look at him, but continued to put her items into her satchel.

“I did kind of lose it with her,” he agreed, picking up on her sarcasm. “I don’t know what got into me, but I didn’t like what she said about Cree.”

Chloe put her satchel over her shoulder. “You’re the reason she confessed. You must be good at pushing people’s buttons.”

I bet you really good at pushing all kinds of buttons. The thought shot through her before she could do anything about it. Her cheeks warmed at the buttons Kevin O’Bryan could push on her.

She offered her hand, but avoided his eyes—afraid he’d see the flame of lust in them. He shook it, allowing his much larger hand to linger on her fingers as she quickly reclaimed it. Chills sprouted across her arms. No. I’m not going to fall for his slick talk and smooth moves. I’ve seen this too many times before.

Without another word, she headed to the door, but he followed. Her stomach tightened in anticipation. Sure, she didn’t have a boyfriend or a wedding ring, but she didn’t want one. Men were only interested in slacking their lust before pushing on to the next new toy.

Although it was the holiday season, Chloe wasn’t in the giving mood.

Been there. Done that.

Because of the way Kevin’s touch made her feel, she knew at once she had to get the hell out of there—and quick. Her track record with men ranked in the needs improvement category, and she didn’t want to start with Kevin. She had an affinity for bad, womanizing men.

And she already liked Kevin.

She cracked the door and stepped into the entrance. Successfully placing one foot over the threshold, Chloe thought surely she’d be able to get to her car without Kevin, the hunky and handsome redhead asking her out. Yes, she would like to have dinner with him—with him being dessert—but she couldn’t. It would end badly; they all ended badly.

This close to the holidays, she wanted to be with her family and friends.

Swallowing back her yearning, she sighed.

“Miss Reese?” he called making her shudder.


End Excerpt.


  1. I cannot wait to read this. Will there be additional stories with the other characters? HINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love it ready to read the rest. I enjoyed the C.A.K.E series

  3. Love it ready to read the rest. I enjoyed the C.A.K.E series