Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Free Story Read from RaeLynn Blue is posted...

Wow. Happy New Year everyone!

One of my New Year's Resolution is to update my blog more frequently. It's my goal to be much more visable this year than last year. Right around March, my personal life became much more complicated than I had ever thought, but that was so last year. This year, we're kicking off a brand new attitude and goals!

Okay, so what about that "free story" from the post's headline? Yes! Each month I've been writing an on-going story featuring heroine Adele and hero, Wyatt. Readers of my Blue News vote on what happens next for those characters. I write what you want, and viola-new story installment.

This is a free read, so if you want to join in, head on over and sign up for my Blue News newsletter. Once you've read the latest installment, visit my Color of Love group and vote for what should happen next. The polls are in the POLLS section at the Color of Love.

Coming soon from Phaze, A Rebel Among Goddesses. It's a m/m/f interracial fantasy erotic romance! Stay tuned for its release this month. I will post an excerpt here and a spicier one at The Color of Love in the upcoming week or so.
RaeLynn Blue

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