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Interracial Science Fiction Romances

I am a geek. Yep. Nerd. I go to science fiction conventions, dress in cosplay, and read comic books. I currently own over 6,000 comics and the local comic book store owner knows my name by heart. Yes, I’m a nerd. Although I don’t live in the basement of my mother’s house, I am a Trekkie. I’ve been to the Star Trek Experience in Vegas six times, paid upward of $300 for the Admiral’s tour, which included me sitting in the captain’s chair on the Enterprise from Star Trek,The Next Generation. There are pictures of me as a Borg drone, as a first officer, and a lot more, but I digress.

Why would you care about my geekiness? Because I write Interracial Science Fiction romance, a genre that is a subgenre of a subgenre. It’s a narrow genre, but entertains the same endless impossibilities as the traditional sf genre. Attempting to answer question of what if…

The what if question is the thriving motivation for most science fiction works and that doesn’t end with I/R Science Fiction romance. I’ve been having a long standing discussion with other BadAzz members about reader interest in I/R SF romance. Some believe that the words “science fiction” frighten off readers who automatically think nerd, geek or strange beings with butts on their heads. I believe that the success of the latest Star Trek reboot movie that many of us do enjoy a good story, whether the setting is at a local church or set amongst the stars. It doesn’t matter how far technology advances, if there are human beings, there will be love.

Which brings me to the point of this blog, do you enjoy I/R SF romance? Why do you read it? I read it because I am intrigued by the approach the author brings to answering that what if question and how love grows from within that environment. For example, in my story, Black Box Bistro, Kai is presented with the problem of convincing his boss, and the woman he’s in love with to trust him enough to give them a chance together. Well, that story could’ve taken place anywhere and during any time. But because Halo runs a virtual reality cafĂ© on the moon, there are other challenges and the question of what if she doesn’t give in, what if the moon wars overtake their establishment, etc. The entire Cat's Meow series is about people finding love among the harsh conditions of moon colonization and a war.

Or take my upcoming release from Changeling, Sudden Snow. Dr. Cricket Moore is a research scientist with the InterGalatic Organization (the IGO). What if her research is more important than her superiors let on? What if a civilian company wants her research more than the government organization she works for? What if they try to kill her? What if Darryl Snow, sent to protect her, falls in love instead?

So, don’t let the words “science fiction” scare you from trying an I/R science fiction romance. The setting is different with sf stories, but the story is the same—a human one and with romance, one of two people finding love amongst that backdrop. Air out your inner nerd, and enjoy the ride!


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