Sunday, April 18, 2010

SNOW in April...

That's right! Your weather girl, RaeLynn Blue, is calling for SNOW, Sudden Snow! My latest IGO story is available from Changeling Press. This is my first IGO novella length, but you've seen this universe before in Logan's Run, currently in Shara and Friends, Volume 3 and Ashes of Lust in Black Roots and Cowboy Boots.
Here's a brief blurb of what's this novella length IGO story is about:
Some secrets could change a galaxy -- if they don’t get you killed.
Dr. Cricket Moore is running for her life. Her coworkers murdered and her research stolen, she has no one to turn to. When she’s thrust into the hands of an Intergalactic Organization officer to be transported to headquarters for interrogation, her only hope is to trust her life to a stranger.

It should have been one more assignment. Escort the last remaining research scientist to headquarters for debriefing. Sergeant Darryl Snow takes every mission seriously, but this one seems pretty routine. Cricket doesn’t look all that dangerous. But she’s in more trouble than even she realizes. And the instant attraction he feels for the dark skinned beauty doesn’t make the situation any easier. How can he win her trust -- and her heart -- without compromising the mission?

Darryl will stop at nothing to protect Cricket from danger… even if the greatest danger he faces is losing himself in her.

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