Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Healer's Bond is available

It's here! Wyatt and Adele's story is now available in one complete work. Thank you to all the readers at The Color of Love. Your monthly voting helped Wyatt find his solace and Adele her destiny.
This ended up being one of my most favorite stories. I love fantasy/paranormal/sf more than anything except mysteries and this story had them all. All aspects of each of those genres shined in this tale, which made it magical. Enjoy.
Title: A Healer's Bond
Author: RaeLynn Blue
Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC
Genre: Paranormal I/R Erotic Romance (BW/WM)Price: $5.00
*It will also be available from ARe, Omnilit and other online outlets.
Blurb: The John Doe bleeding out on the ER gurney had to be the sexiest man Adele had ever seen. Too beautiful to die. As an ER nurse, she works to save him, but her connection--to him lingers long after he's out of danger. What she didn’t expect was that before the night was over, her life would end up in his strong, surprisingly capable hands.
Wyatt Young’s exile had few perks—condemned to Greensboro, he had a steady stream of loud, cranky people, and lousy food. Constantly hunted by his uncle, he’s startled when he wake up shirtless in a hospital, with his sword missing and his torso ripped apart. A beautiful healer helps him recover—a healer he can’t stop thinking about even when he passes out. A bond is formed between Adele and Wyatt—one they can’t fight. Wyatt’s uncle seeks to make Adele his personal healer—at any cost. Adele is the key to Wyatt’s salvation and his redemption. He won’t let her go without a fight. Ever.

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