Thursday, August 12, 2010

A New Addition to the O.A. Series...

Some of you may remember a few years ago I wrote a story titled, An Open Lure. That story was about Jake, an incubus, who had tired of feeding on various women. Jake wanted love and one woman that could sustain not only his sexual appetite, but his love. He found that woman in Zuri.
Jake, being an otherworlder, didn't do it alone. He had Ryan Coswell as his O.A.--his otherworld attendant.
An Open Melody: An O.A. Story is Ryan's story. Ryan has become an incubus himself, after prolonged exposure to Jake. Now, Ryan has tired of the women, exhausted and hungry for something more substainal, meaningful, eternal. But even Jake told him, finding the one isn't easy. Most incubi never find that woman who could sustain both appetites--those of the heart and those of the body. Ryan, as naive as ever, is undeterred. While visiting New Orleans, Ryan stumbles upon the most exquiste sound--and he believes, he's found her.
Tiffany's trip to New Orleans finds her betrayed, homeless, and staring into the wonderfully blue eyes of the beefiest blonde she'd ever met. She shouldn't trust him--doesn't trust him--but somehow she can't really resist him. What gives? And why won't he just leave her alone?
Tiffany and Ryan meet in the city with a history of devastating loss, provocative sexuality, and romantic charm. Will they be able to make beautiful melodies together?
Find out in An Open Melody.

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