Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back from the Brink

Hello and Happy Halloween! I know I've been off the grind for about six months, and honestly, I find it fitting that today, is the day I can post. It's been a difficult time for me, as some of you may know. Life doesn't always play fair, nor does it come with a good road map. In February, I found myself going over the cliff without any real care for if or how I would survive the plunge downward.

Writing became the least of my priorities as friends and families tried to save my life--physically and figuratively. It took a lot of hands grabbing me, trying to slow my descent and many more who wrestled with my demons to help me escape. For those angels, I am eternally grateful.

Now I'm back from the brink of ultimate despair. Prayers, unconditional love, and inspiration have all placed me on solid ground. For the first time, I have written a short story, one I like, and one I have already submitted to one of my favorite publishers. I want to thank you for being so awesome and supporting me despite my long absence.

Stay tuned. Thank you.


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  1. Welcome back RaeLynn. I had to do my own "I'm Back" post today as well because like you said life doesn't always play fair. Sending HUGS your way to let you know you are not alone in the universe. Keep taking care of yourself and leaning on those who care for you.