Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Coming Soon to BTP

I'm not dead. I just wanted to post this to say how much I've missed you ladies. Due to work, illness, and a hacker, I've been off the grind, but I'm free for a few weeks.

And what have I been doing?

Well...I have written a little something, that will be available soonest from BTP....

Otherwise, I've been writing and writing and writing. We'll see how much I actually finish. :)

If you need to fill your Kindle Fire or Nook, don't forget to try titles at Mocha Memoirs Press, too.


Raelynn Blue


  1. This book sounds amazing I can't wait to actually get it and sit down when I have time to read it. Plus I am a sucker for hero's with accents

  2. I have to say this book sounds hot and I dig the accents too!