Sunday, January 29, 2012


Coming Soon from Beautiful Trouble Publishing...

Another GSO story is on the horizon...

Blurb: Carte Seay has admired Tonica Faye since the summer she interned at his uncle's law office. He'd sent her tulips every day, anonymously because she reminded him of tulip's versatile beauty and ready resourcefulness. Now, he'd set a plan in motion to get the woman of his dreams into his life--not just his bed. Now, his chance had come again to capture Tonica's attention, and set her into his life for good. Tonica was just want he wanted, no, what he needed, to be feel again.

Private Investigator, Tonica Faye, knew more about high profile lawyer, Carte Seay than anyone. She'd been investigating him in at the behest of a client--one who claims Carte Seay sired her two children. For the life of her, Tonica can't figure out why the main just didn't sort it out with a paternity test, but then, maybe men as powerful at Carte Seay didn't bother. But when she meets the legendary lawyer, up close and personal, what she discovers about herself and him forces her heart to bloom, to awaken in ways no man has ever managed to do before. Carte Seay's tulips were made for Tonica.

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