Thursday, March 21, 2013

I wanna make you sWet!

Of course I want you to sWet! Shara Azod, LLC introduced a saucy and sexy new line of stories. The line of erotic tales is called sWet. Like all things coming from Shara Azod, this series of stories is sizzling hot.

My latest addition to this series is Let Her Eat Cake.  As many of you know, I do enjoy a nice, thick slab of cake (not chocolate), and so this story erupted from that desire.

Blurb: You lack a hunger for life....

Kayla Witherspoon wasn't a fan of sweets nor was she a fan of the creepy ominous messages of ancient fortune tellers. Yet, her one visit with Madame Zee manages to change all of that. A single flat tire, a bakery and one gorgeous cake maker could be just the right combination to spark the appetite that Kayla's been missing... End Blurb   The great thing about this little piece of cake? It's only .99. So go get your literary grub on.

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