Sunday, May 05, 2013

New Releases--Twice the Delight

Sensual romance is blooming in May! Two new releases from yours truly. Two different delights--one contemporary erotic romance and the other, an erotic urban fantasy.

Seadragon: A Dragon's Keep Story
This is the second story in my Dragon's Keep series. The first, Firebreather, is also available from Shara Azod.
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Shara

Blurb: There was something to be said for the expression fiery passions. From the moment Draco Watatsumi Lo Jin realized he'd go into the phase his people called dragon heat, he knew he'd be craving, needing, wanting one woman. Not just any woman. Anika Crews. When he was accused of acts that shamed his name, his brother, his kind, she'd stood by him, helped him. And in that time, he'd come to realize that there would be no sharing himself with any other female. No committing his existence to a mate unless it was her. He'd swim the seven seas if it meant he could have her in his arms. After all, he was a seadragon.

Divine Party
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Beautiful Trouble Publishing
This story stars Dante Divine of Cashmere Sky (Something Something) and Lasso a Lover stories.

Blurb:When your name is Dante Divine, people expect great things, and Dante wasn’t ine to disappoint. The successful entrepreneur knew how to put on a show and help men and women alike explore their most decadent fantasies. So why, after hosting thousands of freak parties and coordinating hundreds of hook-ups and happily-ever-afters, was she single?

Kenshin Sato didn’t miss a Divine party. During the work day, he enjoyed the competitive world of finance. But after five o’clock, he distanced himself from the traditional and stringent reality of his accountant’s life and disappeared into the realm of delicious fantasy where pleasure pulled him ever closer to the edge.

When the owner of Inferno, Dante Divine, tells him she’s done with freak parties, he knows he has to act. For, it wasn’t the parties that kept him coming back, it was her. Party after party, he’d witnessed life extinguish her flame, but tonight he meant to relight Dante’s flame once more with a divine party.

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