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Hump Day HUMPS; Icing on the Cake by RaeLynn Blue

(c) RaeLynn Blue 2012
Except from Icing on the Cake

“I see you have a very large bed.” Brice turned to Aerial.

“I’m not a small woman.”

“Thank God for that,” he said and came out her so fast, it took her
breath away.

She blinked and Brice had her pinned to the wall beside the
nightstand. His firm body kept hers in place, and each of his hands held her
wrists, keeping her from touching him or moving them at all. She so didn’t
see this coming. Before she could utter a single comment, his lips greedily
claimed hers. Releasing her hands, Brice’s own slid down the sides of her
body, his knee gently parted her thighs. His questing fingers glided across
her thighs, sending chills through her. She moaned in the midst of his kiss,
his tongue tangoed with hers and the sheer force of his need making her sigh
into him even more. Her body melted into his. His scent invaded her sense,
blotting out everything, but his hard, firm muscles, soft lips and prickly new
growth along this jaw and the stony cock pressing impatiently against her
inner thigh.

She could feel his heart pounding against her breasts. His strength
and his craving clawed at her and she knew Brice had let go of whatever
fear he’d had before. Her head swam at the kiss, at the sheer raging hunger
and for a brief moment, Aerial wondered if she could feed him what he so
desperately needed.

When he broke the kiss, he gazed into her eyes as his hands slowly
lifted the hem of her dress higher until it rested at her waist. Her black, satin
panties ripped when he snatched them off. It surprised her, the swift jerk
and tearing of fabric. She squeaked and Brice frowned, cupping her face.

“I would never hurt you, Aerial,” he said, and kissed her still tender
lips. “I didn’t meant to frighten you.”

“It was just…sudden. I liked that pair,” she said, heart racing and clit

As he talked, Brice’s fingers parted her nether lips, and stroked them
tenderly. Alternating between gentle stroking and caressing her nubbin with
his thumb, Brice watched her closely.

“I will get you more, whatever you want, Aerial, I’ll provide,” he
promised, the whisper of his voice streaked with desire. “Just tell me. I’ll get it."

Something about the sincerity in those words caused her to arch her
back in longing. Suddenly, she wanted out of the dress, out of the shoes and
onto Brice’s hard cock. More than his touching, what he said had set her on
fire. Simple words, but what turned her dial was the honesty and sincerity.

Brice had pushed open the door, and damn it, she was coming in.

Speaking of coming, Brice’s fingers increased their pressure and
their speed across her love button. He cupped her ass with one hand and
teased her clit with the other. Squeezing her butt, he continued to stare
intently at her, gauging her responses to his teasing. Aerial closed her eyes
and tossed her head to the side.

“No, Aerial, look at me,” Brice said, all his movements stopped.

Huffing out a sigh, she turned her head back to him and opened
her eyes. Damn him. With her legs wide open and braced against the wall,
her pelvis thrust forward, hungrily for him. His fingers weren’t enough, not
nearly enough for what she needed, what she wanted. “Brice, please…”

He kissed her again, with eyes opened. Quick. Fast. And then, his
fingers caressing continued, ramping up in speed. “Gimme what I want, Aerial."

She could feel her orgasm coming. Mounting inside her, the
pressure piled. Her body trembled at the approaching emotions, and when
she tried to close her eyes, to brace for the wonderful wave of pleasure, he

“Look. At. Me.”

She obeyed, and bit her lip to keep from screaming at him to fuck
her. At that moment, she would’ve done whatever he wanted. When she met
his gaze this time, his questing fingers began again, but instead of simply
teasing her clit, he took his other hand and inserted three fingers into her
wet heat. She pressed against his fingers faster and deeper, but she wanted
so much more than his digits.

“You want me, Aerial?” Brice asked, his gaze burning into her like
wheat on fire.

“Yes! God, yes!”

“Then come for me, real hard,” he said softly, his breath gentle
against her face. He leaned in and kissed her again. This time, he didn’t
relent when she closed her eyes. His lips parted and his tongue licked her
bottom lip a second before his nibbled on it. The sharp sting of his nip
pushed her over the edge and the orgasm exploded inside of her, forcing her
to shriek as it bowled through her.

“Beautiful! You’re so beautiful when you come,” Brice whispered.

She thrashed about and slumped forward, but Brice caught her in
his arms. Smiling, he carried her to the bed and lay her down on it. He rolled
her onto her stomach. The bed gave as he kneeled beside her. Fighting to
breathe, Aerial waited for the room to stop spinning. If a little fingering
could blow her mind like that, what would sex with him do?

She saw Brice kneeling beside her, on his knees, on the bed. Lying
on her stomach, she panted..

“You have on too many clothes,” she said, and tugged on his slacks.

“So do you,” he said with a smirk. “Let’s fix that.”

The soft buzz of her dress’s zipper filled the air and the cool air
touched her now exposed skin. She pushed herself up to her knees, and the
dress fell down. Absent of a bra, Aerial liked the dress because the dress
didn’t need one and it was strapless. A built in bra had kept her ‘ladies’
secure. But no longer contained, her full breasts bounced free. Swollen and
aching for Brice’s touch, she cupped them. Nipples hard and throbbing, her
breasts awaited his mouth, his hands, hell his fingers at this point.

Brice replaced her hand with his and cupped one of her breasts.

Dropping kisses across her back, he rolled her pebbled peak between his
thumb and forefinger, making her moan. Kiss. Kiss. Pinch. Pinch. A flood
of sensations spilled through her. Aerial moaned aloud. Brice positioned
himself behind her, throwing his knees on either side of hers. With her back
to his front, he could now cup both breasts and he did so, kneading them
before teasing her tight nipples. He nibbled along her jaw and down her
neck to her collar bone and back again.

“Damn Brice,” she whispered, pushing back into the stone-hardness
of his cock. Her nude butt made contact with the fabric of his trousers, but
beneath the thin material a hard rod awaited. She wanted that and she
cursed him for taking so long. “Stop teasing.”

“You think I’m teasing?” he asked, amused. His hand released one
of her breasts and traced a path down to the apex of her pussy. There, he
parted her lips once more, and slipped his finger into her wetness. “So, wet
for me.”

Aerial couldn’t find words, so she shifted into action. She stood up
and turned to face him. Brice hadn’t been ready for her to move and so,
he fell to the bed. Seeing her moment, she fell on him, pinning him to the
mattress. Straddling him, she lay on top of him, pinning his hands to his
side. She saw the broad smirk on his face.

“Turnabout is fair play.”

“Indeed,” he said, smiling. “Impatient, aren’t we?”

“Fuck. Yes.”

She released his hands and sat up, still straddling him. With quick
hands she unbuttoned the peach shirt. Brice’s well developed body gave her
pause. Holy Christmas! Those abs were real?! She ran her fingers across
them to be sure, and he moaned as she did it. His cock bobbed at the action.
Oh, yes, very real. His long legs were lean and muscular and she couldn’t
wait to bounce on them with him buried deep inside her.

But Brice had tensed. Her eyes drifted up from his abdomen to his chest, the area over his heart contained scar tissues, twisted with old lacerations and hallmarks of staples, stitches or something. She reached for them, to touch the lighter colored skin, but he stayed her hand.


She looked up at his face and saw him struggle. A million questions zipped through her, but Brice’s eyes begged her not to ask, not to pry, but to simply accept him—like this. She nodded and he relaxed, lying back down on the bed again. He sighed and patted her outer thigh. Avoiding the twisted lumps of flesh around his heart, she did notice how he didn’t have any tan lines. She dropped a kiss along his shoulder and leaned down to kiss his

“You’re so beautiful,” she whispered before kissing him.

He grunted and shifted her while maintaining the kiss. His hand
stroked her cheek. When the kiss parted, he said, “Thank you for that.”

“I meant it.”

“I know.”

The End of the Excerpt. Get a copy of ICING ON THE CAKE today.

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