Thursday, May 09, 2013

Hot Asian Heroes (RaeLynn's Top 5)

Hot Asian Heroes

If you've been reading my stories long enough, you can ferret out my secret: I love Asian men! So, to switch up my usual Saturday blog post, I decided to count down my favorite top five Asian heroes. This list may change of course, as I am sure I won't stop writing sexy, sensual, and heroic Asian men.
Number 5:
Reason he is hot:  Star Wars nerd and rocket scientist for NASA(r), and his nickname is Wookie. He makes enough money to cover Jewel's shoe and purse addiction, plus can indulge her science fiction love as well.
What is there not to love about Ben?
Bio Tidbit: Loves to camp out in large spaces to watch the stars. Truth be told, he'd much rather just stare at her beauty. He thinks she's more gorgeous than the heavens.
Asian Heritage: Japanese American
Number 4:


Reason he is hot:  He is a Shade--cursed to walk between worlds. He can turn into smoke or materialize into hard, muscular and sexy flesh. He
returns to Felicia and risks life, death, and his freedom to save her from danger.
What is not sexy about a man who can wield a katana and turn into smoke?
Bio Tidbit: A former Japanese gang member turned good, Jet found solace and purpose as an Otherworld Attendant--until his vampire regent killed and cursed him, keeping Jet's soul stuck between the living and the death.
Asian Heritage: Japanese Immigrant

Number 3:Kenshin Soto

Reason he is hot:  He's a sexy accountant who knows how to party at night. Knows how to give one heck of a foot massage.

Bio Tidbit: Kenshin enjoys long baths and all over body massages.
Asian Heritage: Chinese American 

Number 2: Ryuu Sho Jin
From Firebreather, A Dragon's Keep Story

Reason he is hot: Dragon. Shifter. Long black hair. Lean athletic body, but what makes Ryuu seriously sexy? He breathes fire.

Bio Tidbit: The oldest of the three sons, Ryuu is the first firebreather to his clan in a very long time. This makes him more than attractive to female shifters in his Keep.

But he only has eyes for a very human woman, Angelina.

Asian Heritage: Chinese Dragon Shifter

Number 1
From Wasabi Heat, Zen Su Chow 

Reason he is hot:  He owns his own business, stands up to tradition and bias for love and creates a magical meal to win the heart of his love, Nadia.
Bio Tidbit:  Zen loves Japan, but he finally feels like America is home when he meets Nadia. Zen has a brother and a niece, both who work for him at his sushi restaurant.

Zen enjoys swimming, meditating, and most of all, spending long walks through Japanese gardens with Nadia.

Asian Heritage: Japanese Immigrant
Honorable Mentions
Dr. Takashi Nakamura, from Therapeutic Relations

Phillip Wang from, THE CONCEIRGE