Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday Hump Hotness-Divine Party by RaeLynn Blue


Blurb: When your name is Dante Divine, people expect great things, and Dante wasn’t one to disappoint. The successful entrepreneur knew how to put on a show and help men and women alike explore their most decadent fantasies. So why, after hosting thousands of freak parties and coordinating hundreds of hookups and happily-ever-afters, was she single?

Kenshin Sato didn’t miss a Divine party. During the day, he enjoyed the competitive world of finance. But after five o’clock, he distanced himself from the traditional and stringent reality of his accountant’s life and disappeared into the realm of delicious fantasy where pleasure pulled him ever closer to the edge.

When Dante Divine, tells him she’s done with freak parties, he knows he has to act, for, it wasn’t the parties that kept him coming back, it was her. Party after party, he’d witnessed life extinguish her flame, but tonight he meant to relight Dante’s flame once and for all.

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Excerpt: Sweating and panting with excitement, Kenshin reached the tenth floor. Only a few doors lined the hall. Dante’s scent lingered and he hurried to catch her. Already at her suite’s door, she seemed lost in thought, seemingly oblivious to the sound of him walking quickly behind her. She opened the door and stepped into the suite. Running, he managed to slip inside the closing door.

Dante whirled around and attacked. “Hiya!”

He saw her karate chop and blocked it. But she didn’t stop. She came at him with whirling arms and punches.

How the hell does she do that in heels?

Kenshin fell to the floor. “Ow! Ow!”

Dante stopped. “Kenshin!

He smiled up at her. “Hi.”

Groaning, she offered her hand. “I thought you knew kung fu.”

At that moment, he grabbed her, and brought her down to the carpeted floor with him. He rolled her onto her back, pinning her beneath him. Bringing his face close to hers, he confessed, “I do. But I don’t fight girls.”

“Girl?” Dante quirked an eyebrow.


“I don’t know why you’re here or how you got by Ren and Rob…”

He kissed her cheek. “You are an attractive woman.”

She broke into laughter. “So you said.”

“I’m not here for sex…”


“You turn me on, but I meant what I said. I mean to make you mine—not just sexually, but emotionally too.”

Dante sobered. “You’re serious.”

“Can’t you tell?”

With that he leaned down and kissed her hard on the mouth, claiming the kiss she’d teased him with all night. Sweetness and a hint of spearmint were on Dante’s tongue and they quickly became flavors in his mouth. Beneath him, Dante’s pelvis rotated, grinding against him. He released her wrists and broke the kiss. It took all of his self-control. He released her and got to his feet.

Dante sat up, rubbing her lips. “What just happened?”

“I wouldn’t want you to think I was just here for sex.” Kenshin’s cock jutted against the fabric of his trousers as if contradicting his words. It resembled a tent pole, and he saw Dante’s eyes go to it. “Don’t worry. It’ll go away soon.”

But not as long as I’m this close to you.

Dante stood up and straightened her blouse. Breathless, she reached into her hair and removed the pins. Loose, sexy curls fell to her shoulders. She placed her diamond-decorated hairpins on the coffee table. Her eyes remained on him, moving up from his erection to his face.

“Tell me again why you’re here, Kenshin. The sushi?”

The End

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