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Series Saturday Presents: Otherworld Attendants

Series Saturday Presents: Otherworld Attendants

Back some years ago, I fell in love--with demons. I read every reference book I could about them and discovered incubus. A sexual creature set the most exotic and erotic characteristics for a hero.

Hence Jake was born. As was the first Otherworld Attendants story, AN OPEN LURE.

The wonderful thing about this series is it's urban fantasy romance. It's similar to Kim Harrison's novels or other urban fantasy stories,but of course, with my own special wickedness thrown in.

Blurb: Zuri Hines is on the brink of beginning her new life, minus her ex-boyfriend. Yet when she ends up stranded in Oklahoma, she feels her plans starting to unravel. As a mysterious man publicly performs self-stimulating acts, but only if she watches, is she flirting with danger?

Or entertaining an old fantasy? Jake Lysette has been in many women’s beds and has devoured the sexual energy of even more since becoming an incubus.

Yet when a freak blizzard leave him stranded in Oklahoma, will a shy, strong-willed Black woman be the key to satisfy his ravaging hunger for eternity?

Grab a copy today of AN OPEN LURE.

Ryan stood out as a character in an AN OPEN LURE. So much so, I thought he needed his own story and thus, AN OPEN MELODY.

Blurb: Mardi Gras in New Orleans is full of fun, sex, and adventure, but trumpet player Tiffany Ladden's good time and trust left her homeless and stranded in the city's legendary French Quarter. Betrayed, abandoned, and weary, she plays on the street corner for tips, tunes more lively than her spirit. Ryan Coswell's father had been an Otherworld Attendant. Ryan had been one also, but having attended the needs of an incubus, Ryan never expected to become one himself. But he has, and his ravenous hunger is difficult to contain. He comes to New Orleans to feed and to continue his quest to find the one. The one woman whose energy, spirit, and desire can sustain him. When he hears a stirring melody, he can't stop himself from following it. Seduced by the trumpet's notes, Ryan is undone by the woman playing them. Now all he had to do was convince her to stay with him forever. Should be easy for an incubus.

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Intrigued, I expanded the world of the Otherworld Attendants.
The latest installment in the series, is called, An Open Heart. Just like my other stories, the hero is Asian, and the heroine fiesty. It's a seductive, fast-paced story involving an entirely new set of characters.
Blurb: Too good to be true... Felicia met the man of her dreams. And lost him. When she awakens one day to find Jet gone, her world comes crashing down.

Jet, an Otherworld Attendant, pledged his life to fulfill his contract to serve the vampire Orion. A botched ritual turned Jet into a Shade, a soul that resides neither in this world nor the next.

Felicia's open heart once welcomed Jet without question, gifting him with unconditional love. He'd thought to hide his past -- and its dangers -- from her, to keep her safe. But even leaving her wasn't enough.

The ache is still fresh when Jet returns to defend her against an enemy who threatens not only her life, but his, as well. Battling her heartache and fear, Felicia must decide if she can open her heart to Jet again. Her love is the only thing that will give him the strength to save them both.

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You can find all of my stories at Amazon and Each story is a stand alone novella in the Otherworld Attendants universe.

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