Friday, August 16, 2013

Updates and New (and a couple of older) Releases

 In the last few weeks, Mocha Memoirs Press has published some titles in print and has republished some of my former titles for your reading enjoyment.
Today, I am super happy to announce that all three southwest themed stories, Speed Demon, Sand Storm, and Hot Summer Shimmer have been collected and published in a collection titled, SOUTHWEST HEAT. It is available in both print and ebook format.

Blurb: The Southwest United States is a region filled with enchantment, mystery, and a heat unlike any other. Bestselling romance author, RaeLynn Blue, takes you on three distinct journeys into the land of enchantment and through a region renowned for flavorful green chile, kick butt barbecue, and cultural distinctiveness.

This collection offers three tales of romance, southwest style. From a cop chasing down a hunky speedster on the back roads outside Albuquerque, to the strange trader selling Native American wares at a state park, SOUTHWEST HEAT conjures a rousing seduction that will leave you spellbound, breathless, and more than just a little heated.
The next title that has been re-released is Turbo Lift Love. This short romance is one of my favorites because it takes place on a spaceship. If you don't think sf romance is your type of thing, I encourage you to give this story a try.
Get a copy here.

Blurb: Upon graduating from the cadet training academy, Janna Jameson’s career as a spaceship engineer had been bright, shiny, and full of
promise. Assigned to the galaxy-class spaceship, Sirius, she’s managed to incorrectly configure the rear thrusters, burn out the food replicas in
cafeteria six and manage to lose both her glove and her left boot—rookie mistakes, that Janna suspects aren’t. Nevertheless, she’s off to a rough start.
Summoned to the captain’s meeting room for a meeting that has been weeks in the making, Janna swears her day can’t get much worse, until the turbo lift comes to a shuddering halt. Janna’s not simply trapped inside of a turbo lift; she’s trapped inside the turbo lift with the one man who excite her more than a brand new stunner array—Trent Taylor.
Years ago, newly promoted, junior commander, Trent Taylor, held back his love for Janna to allow her to pursue her career—a necessary choice that pained him. Finding himself locked inside a turbo lift with Janna, he’s going to take full advantage of his second chance. He wasn’t going to waste it. He hadn’t ever been wasteful. He wasn’t going to start today.



The final title that has been re-released is A Love Reborn. A paranormal tale of a selkie and the woman who loves him is perhaps one of my top five all time creative stories, next to Soul's Kin. If you missed its release before, I invite you to try it again. This story is one of my most controversial ones too.

Get a copy here.

Blurb: On the isle of Aquatrion, there is a legend that speaks of the Sirens’ gift to those who drown at sea. Once one has been consumed by the waters, for his sacrifice, he will be turned into a selkie—both man and seal, to live amongst the sea, for his soul would forever be tied to both, that to which had been born, and to that which had died.

Kikomo mourns the death of her husband-in-waiting, Takumi. Lost saving her life during a storm at sea, Takumi’s body was swallowed up the roaring waves and choppy seas. A year later, Kikomo’s father demands she marry the local merchant, a fisherman and a man of great political power. Distressed, she flees her home to the sea. There she cries seven tears in to the sea. At once a selkie appears, and he bares a striking resemblance to Takumi…

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