Monday, September 09, 2013

New Release-SWING FOR THREE (Razr's Edge)

 Latest release from moi! This one is a HEATER! It's so hot, Razr's Edge Press, gave it the generic cover art. That's how smokin' this story is...

So, put on your fire retardant clothing and grab a big drink filled with ice and water because this one is going to make you sweat!

Blurb:Tonya and Kirby Cole's visit to the Circus promises to be fun and full of sensual exploration. Fulfilling her fantasy, Tonya wonders if taking something imagined and making it real would damage her relationship with Kirby. After all, not many men would willing invite another man into his marriage bed.

Kirby Cole loves his wife without question. Yet, fulfilling her fantasy of a ménage-a-trois is risky. He isn't one to leave anything to chance. When he and Tonya enter Circus, he has just the perfect arrangement ready for her.

One fantasy. One couple. One night. One chance to push their love to the limit.

Read an excerpt. Be warned. It is a sizzler. 

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