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Character Spotlight: Misaki Kenj of THE ONYX SCION

Each Monday, I am going to spotlight one of the characters in my books. This Monday, I am spotlighting, Misaki Kenji, the heroine of my urban fantasy, The Onyx Scion.

Misaki is having a difficult time. She's lost her husband to a murderer. In the land of Humania, where faires, trolls, pixies, and humans intermingle in the urban metropolis, Misaki is tucked blissfully away in the Osir Providence--until today.

Shattered by grief, she’s discovered draped over Otieno. Accused, shunned, and labeled a murderer, Misaki must find out who really did kill her husband or join him in the after life.

There's hope--Kenton Kingsley, a Royal Investigative Knight  arrives to investigate her husband's murder, Misaki must convince him that she didn't kill her love, or be hanged. One thing Misaki knows for certain--someone killed her husband and she's in danger. Far away in the cold providence of Osir, blood runs cold beneath the icy landscape and the hush of snowfall muffles the cries of murder and betrayal. Kanton and Misaki are soon swept up in a tale of greed, power, and conspiracy centered around an ancient poem. One which speaks of a lost scion, and the sole heir to the Dark Elves’ throne.

Facts about Misaki:
1. She works for one of the powerful lords in all of Humania.
2. She's very good and negotiations.
3. She's been told of a prophecy, of a lost scion, that will return and rule the Dark Elves' throne.

Excerpt from The Onyx Scion:
“Misaki?” Kanton said somberly, pushing her cautiously back. “Misaki?”
      It was her name, a plain name that meant beauty in pixie language, but as she heard it on Kanton’s tongue, it struck her as sultry and sexy, bringing with it a thirst to taste him.
      But she swallowed it back down into her burning throat. Tears rose up quickly to replace those she had shed.
      “Yes?” she said and sat back, tucking her hair behind her ears and unable to look him in the eyes, stared at her table. “I’m done, I guess.”
      Kanton placed the reed on the table, next to his empty mug.
      “Yeah, I guess you are. Now look at me,” Kanton said, something heavy and huge in his voice sent shudders through Misaki.
      Taking in a steadying breath, she tried to cool her raging emotions.
       I can’t look at him. If I do, I—I don’t know what will happen. My body’s bursting with fire from his touch, and his voice seduces me unlike anyone, even Otieno. Goddess this is not a good time, my emotions are a muddled mass! But, but if his eyes are mirrors of my own, I might, I might…
      Misaki couldn’t think any further.
      “Please, Misaki,” Kanton said tenderly. He touched her cheek and guided it so that she was soon staring into his face. “Is that so bad?”
      “No,” she croaked, breathing hard as she fought the desire threatening to leak over her. This man wanted her in the dungeon, and would soon place her back at the Lords Manor. “No, not at all.”
      Even to her, she sounded winded and very, very nervous.
      “Do you fear me, Misaki? Is that why you fled today?” Kanton asked.
      And with the tremble in his voice, Misaki met his eyes at last. Buried there was something painful, twisted and horribly unsettling—a fiery blaze of longing.
      But for what?
      “No, I—I ran because I couldn’t stand another moment in the Lords’ Manor,” she said, blushing, her cheeks flaming from his fierce gaze. “Okay, and a little bit of you.”
      Kanton’s face fell.
      “No, no, not fearful of you! But more of the idea of what you would do to me!” Misaki added, trying to stop the crestfallen look on his face from becoming permanent. Even that explanation didn’t sound quite right either.
      “It is difficult to put into words.”
      “Misaki,” Kanton said, his hands on her arms. “I would never hurt you, or bring you to harm, so don’t, please, don’t fear me.”
      His hand glided up her sleeves and on to her face, where his thick fingers caressed her face, his breath labored as it left his mouth. Misaki peeked downward and the bulge pressing against Kanton’s pants told her that she wasn’t alone in her thirst.
      He hungered for her as well.
      She couldn’t stop herself from watching the generous lump, pat impatiently against Kanton’s pants as if begging her to release it. Soon, her own nodule beat in time to Kanton’s pulsating package.
      “Misaki,” he whispered, and drew her close to him, his lips parted, his eyes all for her. They closed as his mouth opened.
      Perhaps it was the candles that turned the bungalow into a cozy room of romance, or the fact that he made her tea. Maybe it was the tea itself—not everything was known about fairy feather tea.
      Misaki didn’t know, but she burst forward, grabbing a handful of his dreadlocks and pulling him into her, crushing his lips beneath hers, running her tongue throughout his mouth, rapidly exploring, tasting, and feeling her body surge upward to him, pressing hard against his, straining to touch him.
      “Oh, Misaki,” he mumbled, giving into her, falling backwards on the sofa, sliding down until she was positioned on top of him.
      She hiked her gown nearly up to her waist. She felt his stiff cock beat against her thigh, as if reminding her of its presence. Oh, she bent down and sucked another ravaging kiss from his lips, as if it was a potent potion that had been drunk hastily and without pause.
      His hands, those wide, large hands, were on her back, stroking it with long sweeps from her lower back, up to her neck, and down again. As each hand made its alternating pass, Misaki arched, throwing her breasts into his face, the heightened tips of her nipples pointing through the thin fabric like tent poles.  
      “Take me, Kanton,” she whispered breathlessly into the hot air.
      Oh, please, sweet surrender, take me to blissful loving! Misaki prayed, but then she felt Kanton freeze beneath her.
      His hands stopped and he scooted upward, pushing Misaki back, away from him.
      “What’s wrong?” she asked, though she knew she hadn’t wanted to go through with it. It felt wrong to betray Otieno with this man. She’d only just met him. “Kanton?”
      “It’s not me you want,” he breathed, getting up to stand by the fire. “You, you are confused, lonely, perhaps, but I won’t take advantage of you like this.”
      Annoyance flashed in Misaki’s heart. “I’m a woman of age, Kanton. I can decide who my bed partners should be!”
      Kanton shook his head. “I’m not arguing you that point, but Misaki, your husband’s been dead only just a day prior. You’re emotionally unstable, you miss him. I’m a man, and, and, you might be wanting comfort, not, not…”
      Misaki got up from the sofa.
      “Are you saying you don’t want me? That I’m damaged goods?” she realized that she was yelling at him. Though the annoyance she felt was at herself. Mixed in there was a little shame and a giant dollop of guilt.
      “No!” Kanton said, his hands in his hair in frustration. “Don’t you see?”
      How many times had she seen Otieno do the very same thing?
      “Goddess no,” he added, looking at her with wild eyes filled with shame and probably a bit of confusion. He spread his arms out and said, “I want you more than I can even utter into words, Misaki. But look at me, Misaki, down at me. Do you believe I want you?”
      She did, and she saw the huge knot of tangled desire push against his pants. His exquisite endowment made her wish for and wet all over again.
      “Come here,” she said slowly, her voice thick with thirst. “Kanton…”

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