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Character Spotlight: Dr. Javier Martinez of A WILD HEART

Each Monday, I am going to spotlight one of the characters in my books. This Monday, I am spotlighting, Dr. Javier Martinez, of my saucy A WILD HEART.

Javier loves his job, but he's even more in love with his fellow scientist, Dr. Rashawna Reese.  When they're granted an opportunity to visit the Amazon Rainforest, it is a dream come true for both.  Yet, Javier has more interest than just discovering possible new species or cures for cancer.

He's determined to help Rashawna discover his long hidden love for her. An erotic local, the thrill of research, and a beautiful woman--perfect. One thing Javier knew for sure--they wouldn't return to the United States without her knowing exactly how he felt about her. He would find a way to wrangle her wild heart.

Facts About Javier: 

1. Doctorate in Microbiology
2. Has worked with Rashawna for ten years.
3. Attended Yale University

Excerpt from A WILD HEART.

Javier held his breath as the squall continued to fall. He secretly praised the research director for sending them together to gather samples from the rainforest’s tens of thousands of plants. The rainforest had been starving off a drought, and this new precipitation came as a welcomed relief. Every since their research expedition to the Arctic Circle a year ago, Rashawna had avoided him—not physically, because they worked together—but emotionally. She only spoke to him when it pertained to work, nothing more.
                Now, he had her at a place where he could at least pose the question. Whether she would open up to him or not, he did not know, but he wanted her to trust him as she once did. He knew about her wild heart. Like the Amazon, Rashawna had so many undiscovered secrets. Despite their ten-year professional relationship, she kept so much hidden beneath her canopy, protecting what he guessed was a vulnerable, but wild, heart underneath. But he knew, a wild heart strained against the binds of whatever hurt she had experienced. That night, one year ago, she had let him explore her forest, her trees, her plants, her everything.
                And he had wanted re-entry ever since.
                Once morning came, a co-worker had come to Rashawna’s cabin and had discovered them. The co-worker had not told anyone, but Rashawna hated that the woman knew about their relationship. This other co-worker continued to make sly comments about Javier and Rashawna when the two were alone. It had so unnerved Rashawna that she pushed him back, far back, just out of reach.
                As if that would stop him.
                “Tell me, mí amor,” he said. She turned her head, lifting it from his fingers. “Why you do not let me tame your wild heart?”
                “I do not have a wild heart.”
                “You said you do remember…”
                “I do!” she shouted and bolted to her feet. At five feet, two inches tall, she could stand inside the tent with her head barely touching its top.
                “I had not meant to upset you.”
                “I’m not upset!” she shrieked.
She jerked away, her arms folded, her body rigid. She wanted no parts of him, but he had heard her scream. Something had shaken her. Despite the comfortable temperature of the tent, Rashawna trembled. So petite and so powerful, she had no idea of the effect she had on him. In their field of biology, she was a renowned expert, but in the matters of the heart, in love, she was as savage as the many creatures in the rainforest. That fierce, untamed emotion had already began to seep out along her usually well placed edges. Javier wanted to help those doors open completely.
Perhaps, then she would smile more and allow love in.
She spun around to face him and stalked right by him to her sleeping bed. Flopping down onto the cushy fabric, she sighed deeply.
He twisted around to face her heart-shaped face. The worry and anxiousness in her voice had betrayed her.
“It isn’t you, Javier. It’s this place. It’s so, so…”
“Wild,” he finished.
“Yes. There’s so much we don’t know…”
 “Is that not why we are scientists? Attempting to answer those unknowns? Are we not explorers, pioneers, and the seekers of knowledge not yet dreamed or discovered?”
She willingly met his eyes. He held her gaze. Such wonderfully gorgeous eyes, they seduced him the first time he saw her. He had to admit to himself, it was her small, hourglass frame that stole his composure. He had spilled his coffee all over his shirt because he completely missed his mouth. He had to go home and change his clothes. Even a scientist had desires and he had pinned his on hers at that moment. Once he heard her speak about the potential for a cure for cancer being inside of the Amazon Rainforest, so passionate, but accurate, she had him hooked.
“Yes, that is why I became a scientist.” Rashawna nodded. “We’ll hit it hard tomorrow after this rain ends.”
He nodded. She had successfully switched the topic and avoided answering his question. So she thought.
“You would not put me out into the streaming rain, would you?” he asked and removed his shoes and rain suit. Lying down beside her sleeping bag, in only his tee-shirt and boxer briefs, Javier leaned up on his elbow. Rashawna had opened her mouth to disagree, but he had already stripped out of the one-piece rain suit before she could utter a syllable. He liked how she fought not to look at his crotch.
“You came over here, so you clearly have no issue with rain. I think you can make it back to your tent just fine.”
“I would physically, . But my heart will not make it.”
“Javier! You have a Ph.D. in microbiology. Surely you can come up with better lines than that.”
He smiled. Loved her spitfire nature. That sassiness made him want her all the more. She had been so shaken earlier, so nervous, but now, now that he had refocused her on her job, she seemed more like her old self.
“I do not have lines. I am not an actor! What I say is from my love, Rashawna.”
He put an emphasis on the R in her name on purpose. She shuddered, making him smile. Goodness, he loved when she responded to him in a manner that was genuine. When he said her name, she could not avoid that little shimmy—even when she did not want to admit it. He knew she wanted him as much as he did her. They had been together the last five and a half years on various global research assignments. After the Arctic expedition, they had not been alone again until now.
She cocked her head to the side and drew her knees up to her chest. “You’re serious.”

“I have always been serious with you and my love for you.”

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