Friday, May 24, 2013

Magic Men: RaeLynn's Top 5 Sexy Magical Men

I've been known to write a paranormal erotic romance story, but below are my top five sexiest other men. Feel free to disagree with me and list your favorite in the comments section. ~RaeLynn

Number 5: Cory from Sand Storm

Reason he's HOT: He's willing to risk his life to battle an archdemon to save the woman he love's soul and capture her heart.

Magical Abilities: Angel

Bio Tidbit: Cory and Maria have been friends for a long time, but he hid his true self from her, partially in fear of her rejection and partially to protect her.

Number 4: Takumi from A Love Reborn 

Reason he's HOT: His love is so strong for Kikomo that he saves her life, but when she's endangered again, Takumi does something amazing to save his love again--a love that is reborn.

Magical Abilities: Selkie

Bio Tidbit: Takumi is a skilled fisherman, a must for males on the Isle of Aquatrion.

Number 3: Dash Lowery from Bring the Rain

Reason he's HOT: Dash Lowery was a priest in love with a vampire--a woman he KNEW he should slay on sight--for principle's sake. Instead he does a dangerous thing to save her. That's super hot!

Magical Abilities: Vampire

Bio Tidbit: Dash is also very athletic.


Number 2: Kunal from Soul's Kin 

Reason he's HOT: Kunal loved Leela, the chief's daughter and it didn't matter that she was far above his social level. He loved Leela, and would do anything to be with her always.


Because she was his soul's kin.

Magical Abilities: Shifter

Bio Tidbit: Kunal loves to swim.

Number 2: Wyatt from A Healer's Bond

Reason he's HOT: He's from another dimension. Not only this, but he can healed sexually and he returns to his father's kingdom to take his rightful place on the throne.  He battles his uncle, a powerful black sorcerer.

Wyatt is heroic and does whatever he can keep Adele and other innocent bystanders out of the way of his traitorous uncle.

He's hunky, handsome, and a helluva hero.

Magical Abilities: Knight and an ability to travel between dimensions.

Bio Tidbit:  He loves to eat good food!

Honorable Mentions:

Errol and Simon from A Rebel Among Goddesses

Drannon from Speed Demon

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